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My mission is to provide a professional & honest approach to supporting organizational change.

I am a lifetime worker in, leader of, and advocate for BC’s non-profit sector. My mission is to see the sector thrive so communities are healthy, equitable and inclusive. My work is  dedicated to making the invisible visible. There isn’t an issue, experience, vision, innovation or solution the non-profit sector I hasn’t tackled.

The non-profit sector is in every corner of the province nurturing, creating, engaging, and helping. Our sector knows what is happening before government or the private sector, but our role is undervalued – by decision-makers and by ourselves. The non-profit sector knows how to do more, in community, with purpose. But sometimes we need help to align effectively behind that purpose and the corporate colonial tools developed in the government or by the private sector simply don’t fit and often make things worse.

That’s were Alison Brewin Consulting can help.

our Services

Facilitation, Planning, Evaluation and Change Management


We often underestimate the value of a skilled facilitator. Whether you want to apply Robert’s Rules of Order or just have a chit chat, a good facilitator ensures you will have a successful meeting.


Non-profits are best served by beginning with knowing what is working well, then building on strengths to identify future goals. Alison insists on using appreciative inquiry in al that she does. 


Alison advocates for purpose-driven governance. (see blog entry ‘Governing with Purpose: Decision-making as an organizational pursuit.’

Change Management

Change is in the air. And on the ground. And in our homes. And…every gosh-darn corner of our professional and personal lives. There is no getting away from it, the world is in flux. And it is stressful for many. 


The world of evaluation has developed mostly in the context of the public sector and, in theory, it is meant to provide an objective analysis of the success or failure of a program.

Interim Leadership

Be prepared to step in and take the reigns as Interim ED when an organization is in need of direction.

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what they say

Shahnaz Rahman, Executive Director, Surrey Women's Centre

I feel very fortunate to have had a work experience with Alison. In addition to being an amazing person, Alison also has a wealth of knowledge around the working of the non profit sector. She has made immense contributions to the law reform initiatives in her work with the West Coast LEAF. Her passion, expertise and a deep commitment in achieving equality for all women paved way for the many successful projects at West Coast LEAF. One such success is the development of the Family Law Project, which was developed to identify, acknowledge and work towards addressing the many barriers women face while going through the Family Law system. I honor the contributions Alison made to promote women’s equality in BC as well as in National and International arenas. She is missed by her colleagues at West Coast LEAF.”

Zahra Esmail, Executive Director South Vancouver and Marpole Neighbourhood Houses

“Alison Brewin is a principled leader with excellent skills related to governance, organizational planning, and facilitation. She makes people around her feel comfortable and valued, which enables them to fully contribute to important conversations that can lead to positive change. She is a visionary, and I would highly recommend her for any strategic, coaching, or leadership role.

Janice Abbott, CEO, Atira Women's Resource Society

Alison has a wicked sharp mind, is motivated, has a remarkable attention to detail and a steadfast devotion to deadlines. She is thoughtful, collaborative and transparent and most of all, easy to work with. I am honoured to provide this recommendation.”

Victoria Chen, Non-Profit Operations Manager

“Thank you again for meeting with us Alison! It was really validating to be able to talk through things with you and feel more confident in our understanding of the chaos… I have always appreciated how you really care about the people and that you have the organization’s best interest in mind. I’ve learned over the years that there’s no such thing as perfect so the best any human can hope for is to work with someone who tries and someone who truly cares, and I definitely appreciate that you do!

Jamie Maclaren, Executive Director, Access Pro Bono Society of BC

Alison is a highly conscientious and open-minded thought leader in diverse areas of social justice, particularly in those areas that touch upon the wrongful treatment of low-income women and other marginalized individuals.”

Jennifer Breakspear, Executive Director Sara for Women

“Hiring a consultant can feel like a shot in the dark. But hiring Alison is a sure thing. She knows the non-profit sector and our challenges, she has extensive experience supporting non-profits and non-profit leaders to excel, and she brings perspectives and insights that enrich and empower.”

Rebecca Darnell, President, Darnell & Company Law Offices

Alison is a relationship builder who not only builds but maintains and nourishes those relationships. She will be a great addition to any future organization with whom she is associated. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Amber Prince, Legal Advocate, Atira Women's Resource Society

Alison has been an effective leader in the non-profit sector for many years. I have had the pleasure of reviewing many of Alison’s written pieces (including articles, media pieces and legal analyses) over the past 7 years. She has the rare ability to articulate not only a “big picture” analysis but also the attention to detail needed to take theory to action. Alison does this all in a clear and accessible way. Any organization would be lucky to benefit from Alison’s wealth of non-profit and writing experience.”

Beth Clarke, Wilderness Committee

Alison’s methodology and facilitation of our organization’s last two strategic plans allowed senior staff and board to develop goals that really brought together the external political and social context with our internal strengths and challenges. The plan didn’t sit on the shelf but rather was lived by the staff team over the five years it was in place and we really identified with those priorities and worked to achieve them. It was high level yet it was connected to the day to day and I think that’s what I appreciate the most about the process she led. Combined with her reflection and coaching skills with EDs like myself, her understanding of the trials and tribulations of the non-profit sector and her commitment to strengthening our impact are the reasons why I don’t hesitate to recommend Alison as a consultant.

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