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Non-profits are best served by beginning with knowing what is working well, then building on strengths to identify future goals. Alison insists on using appreciative inquiry in al that she does. A good plan – whether strategic, operational or programmatic – will be successful in our work if we gather and share the positive first.

The next step of good planning in our sector is to develop a common understanding of what success looks like.

Only then will Alison let you talk about the barriers and challenges.

Strategic Planning

A good Strat Plan is designed through collaboration, communicated with enthusiasm, and utilized for inspiration and decision-making. Challenges exist and will emerge. So where do you want to land once past the challenge? Because you will get past it. Every organization has moments of challenge, it’s about getting up and dusting each other off and getting back on the proverbial horse. Which way is your horse going and who is holding the reins?

Short term Planning

What is happening? There is a moment in most organization’s life cycyle in which a huge change is thrust upon it. Funding, leadership, or maybe even a global pandemic. Short term planning is helpful. Time to regroup, reconnect and re-envision.

Operational Planning

So, you have identified the organizations big strategic or short-term goals. How to make them happen? There are an infinite number of ways to move forward when faced with a goal. How do you eat an elephant ? (well, no one eats elephants these days, but stick with me?) One bite at a time. Operational planning can involve complex tools or simply be an express understanding of your team. Regardless of formality levels, operational planning means breaking it down and getting it done.

Program Planning

New program idea? Alison loves logic models. They aren’t as scary as funders make them look. It’s all about summarizing the purpose and needs of the program so everyone involved knows what is needed and why it is happening. Call Alison. She can help.

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We often underestimate the value of a skilled facilitator. Whether you want to apply Robert’s Rules of Order or just have a chit chat, a good facilitator ensures you will have a successful meeting.


Alison advocates for purpose-driven governance. (see blog entry ‘Governing with Purpose: Decision-making as an organizational pursuit.’

When she works with Boards, she …

Change Management

Change is in the air. And on the ground. And in our homes. And…every gosh-darn corner of our professional and personal lives. There is no getting away from it, the world is in flux. And it is stressful for many. 


The world of evaluation has developed mostly in the context of the public sector and, in theory, it is meant to provide an objective analysis of the success or failure of a program. Unfortunately…

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