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We often underestimate the value of a skilled facilitator. Whether you want to apply Robert’s Rules of Order or just have a chit chat, a good facilitator ensures you will have a successful meeting. Here are some of the situations in which the services of a great facilitator can add value:

Visioning – Your group, team or community needs to align behind a common vision of success. The process of articulating and aligning around a common vision now makes for a higher chance for success later.

Decision-Making – Decisions are hard for caring individuals who are stretched and trying to accomplish everything. And hard moments in in organization are decisive for the organization’s future. We often mix up discussion, consultation, information sharing, and learning with decision-making. They are all connected and a facilitator can help you navigate them.

Planning – see the planning page for more details about the kinds of planning services available.

Project and Community Collaboration – The world is in flux and we will only create new ways of doing and being if we work together. When diverse players come together, facilitation is key. Where there is a tangible project to be accomplished, starting with project charters and other governance conversations should be at the core. Where it is broader community collaboration with vague hopes for the outcomes, time getting to know each other is never time wasted. Both require skilled facilitation.

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Non-profits are best served by beginning with knowing what is working well, then building on strengths to identify future goals. Alison insists on using appreciative inquiry in al that she does. 


Alison advocates for purpose-driven governance. (see blog entry ‘Governing with Purpose: Decision-making as an organizational pursuit.’

When she works with Boards, she …

Change Management

Change is in the air. And on the ground. And in our homes. And…every gosh-darn corner of our professional and personal lives. There is no getting away from it, the world is in flux. And it is stressful for many. 


The world of evaluation has developed mostly in the context of the public sector and, in theory, it is meant to provide an objective analysis of the success or failure of a program. Unfortunately…

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