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Change Management

Change is in the air. And on the ground. And in our homes. And…every gosh-darn corner of our professional and personal lives. There is no getting away from it, the world is in flux. And it is stressful for many. But there are some who are comfortable with change and Alison is one of them. She can bring her sense of optimism to the experience of change and help break down the elements that drive positive transformation.

Non-Profit Lifecycle Assessment and Planning

By identifying where your organization is in its development, we can better assess what needs to happen to get to the next level. Utilizing the Non-Profit Lifecycle framework developed by Susan Kenney Stevens, Alison can help navigate change by breaking down the organizational elements, where there is strength, where there is misalignment, and help plan for achieving the capacity to be all you want to be.

Interim Leadership

Sometimes it isn’t possible for current leaders to manage the change. Sometimes change is thrust upon us because a leader moves on. And sometimes we are forced to pause, take a breath, and regroup. The role of an Interim Executive Director is to step in in those moments, hold the fort, support reflection, and take the organization to the next iteration. Moving on from a founder? Have messy relationships that have resulted in a revolving door of ED’s and staff leadership? Your ED making great strides in stabilizing or growing your organization but has to take a break for health/family/other reason? An experienced Interim ED can make the difference between chaos and opportunity.

The Non-profit ‘Ack’ moment

Every organization has them. ‘Ack, our policies are a mess and the accreditation is coming up’ or ‘Ack, how did we not plan for this sudden funding.’ Or the classic ‘Ack, we need more help because this global pandemic has upended everything.’  Whatever sparked the change, Alison can support you through it by bringing a range of useful tools to the issue: Facilitation, templates, assessments, interviews, etc.

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We often underestimate the value of a skilled facilitator. Whether you want to apply Robert’s Rules of Order or just have a chit chat, a good facilitator ensures you will have a successful meeting.


Non-profits are best served by beginning with knowing what is working well, then building on strengths to identify future goals. Alison insists on using appreciative inquiry in al that she does. 


Alison advocates for purpose-driven governance. (see blog entry ‘Governing with Purpose: Decision-making as an organizational pursuit.’

When she works with Boards, she …


The world of evaluation has developed mostly in the context of the public sector and, in theory, it is meant to provide an objective analysis of the success or failure of a program. Unfortunately…

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